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Подорож патріарха Макарія. Фрагмент Київського списку

A single sheet written in unvocalized naskh organized into a single column without any textboxes. The page contains 21 lines of text. There is some evidence of waterstaining. At the top of the sheet is text in Cyrillic reading “A. Krimsakogo,” and a title added in Ukrainian identifying the text. This leaf is a fragment of a larger Arabic-language text describing the travels of Patriarch Makarius, possibly Makāriūs III Ibn al-Za‘īm (died 1672 CE), and, possibly, his son Paul of Aleppo, aka Paul Za‘īm (1627-1669 CE). In this passage, the author recounts a trip by boat from the Black Sea through the Bosporus to the Mediterranean, where the travellers encountered high waves causing great fear among them. They eventually entered a river or estuary, where they saw mountains and benefitted from calmer waters.

Бібліографічне посилання
Алеппський, Павло, Подорож патріарха Макарія Антіохійського у Московію : [рукопис] / Павло Алеппський. – [Б. м., 16–?]. – [70] с.