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Mykola Petrov

Petrov Mykola Ivanovych (24.04 [06.05] .1840, Voznesenske village of Makariivsky district of Kostroma province – June 21, 1921, Kyiv) – a graduate and teacher of Kyiv Theological Academy, literary critisist, historian, teacher, specialist in the field of church archeology, archeology and museology. Born in the family of a cantor. After graduating from the Makariivsky Theological School and the Kostroma Theological Seminary, in 1861-1865 he studied at Kyiv Theological Academy.

In 1865-18 he taught at the Volyn Theological Seminary in Kremenets, where he researched archival collections, in particular the history of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In 1868, on the basis of the articles published in the journal Trudy Kievskoy Dukhovnoy Acadiemii [Proceedings of Kyiv Theological Academy] he received a Master’s degree.
In 1870-1911 he worked as an Associate Professor, later a Professor at Kyiv Theological Academy, teaching the general theory of literature and the history of foreign literature, the history of Russian literature, and later on – an overview of the history of Ukrainian literature. In 1875 he received a Doctorate in Theology.

In 1884-1887 he was the editor of the journal Kievskie Yeparkhialnyie Vedomosti [Kyiv Diocesan News] which were published in the academy. In 1912 he was elected an Honorary Member of Kyiv Theological Academy.
Mykola Petrov significantly contributed to the founding and development of the Church and Archaeological Society and the Church and Archaeological Museum at the Academy. Since the founding of the Church and Archaeological Society in 1872 and till its closing in 1917 Petrov worked as the secretary of this organization.
From 1878 to 1917 he worked as a keeper at the Church and Archaeological Museum, initiated the opening of the museum for visitors, was engaged in filling and researching of the museum fund, and prepared 5 issues of the Albom Dostoprimiechatielnostiey Tserkovno-Arkhieologicheskoho musieia [The Album of Sights of the Church and Archaeological Museum] (K., 1912-1915) for publication.
He was a member and Honorary Member of a number of academic societies and educational institutions, has repeatedly received awards and honors for his research works, and was awarded orders.

He died in Kyiv and was buried at the cemetery of the Kyiv Voznesensky Convent of Florivskyi Monastery.
Mykola Petrov was the author of several hundred books and articles on the history and theory of literature, history of the church, history of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv Theological Academy, local lore studies, church archeology, and museum science. In particular, he compiled five volumes of the collection Acty i dokumenty, otnosiashchiyesia k istorii Kievskoy academii. Otd. II (1721-1795) [Acts and documents relating to the history of Kyiv Academy. Part II (1721-1795)] (Kyiv, 1904-1908).

Source: Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Reflected in Names: XVII-XVIII, 2001.