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Pamfil Jyrkevych

Yurkevych Pamfil Danylovych (16 [28] .02.1826, Lipliave town, Zolotonosha district of Poltava province – 04 [16]. 10.1874, Moscow) is a graduate and lecturer of Kyiv Theological Academy, a philosopher, teacher, and educator. Born in the priest’s family. After studying at Pereyaslav Theological School and Poltava Theological Seminary in 1847-1851s, he continued his education at Kyiv Theological Academy, where Yurkevych received a Master’s Degree in Theology and Philology.

In 1851-1861s he worked as a teacher, Bachelor and Professor at Kyiv Theological Academy, teaching the history of philosophy, logic, metaphysics, and the German language. Pamfil Yurkevych’s lectures won great popularity not only among the students of the academy but also among St. Volodymyr University students, and the philosopher himself had a significant moral authority in the students’ circles.

In 1861 he was transferred to the position of the Ordinary Professor of the newly opened Department of Philosophy at Moscow University, where he taught the history of philosophy, logic, psychology, and pedagogy. In 1869-1872s he was the Dean of the Faculty of History and Philology of Moscow University. He was awarded the orders and received the status of the state councilor. He died in Moscow, buried at the cemetery of the Moscow Saint Danil Monastery.
In 1883, in memory of Pamfil Yurkevych, his brothers deposited 6 thousand rubles to the account of Kyiv Theological Academy. And from the percentages of this deposit the scholarship was paid to the students of the Poltava Theological Seminary.

Pamfil Yurkevych belongs to the most prominent representatives of the philosophical thought of nineteenth century Russia. His philosophical works, translations, and lecture courses were published in academic journals and as separate editions, and much of his scholarly heritage remained in manuscripts.