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Stepan Golubev

Holubev Stepan Timofiiovych (25.10 [06.11] .1848, Ardatovka village, Nyzhniolomovsky district of the Penza province – 22.11.1920, Kyiv) – a graduate and teacher of Kyiv Theological Academy, a historian of the church. Born in the priest’s family. After graduating from the Nyzhny-Lomovsky Theological School and Penza Theological Seminary in 1870-1874 he studied at the Church and History department of Kyiv Theological Academy.

In 1874 Stepan Holubev defended his thesis Petr Mohyla i Isaiia Kopinskii [Petro Mohyla and Isaiah Kopynsky]. From 1874 to 1912 he taught at Kyiv Theological Academy at the Department of Russian Church History. In 1883 he published a monograph Kievskii Mitropolit Petr Mohyla i iego spodvizhniki [Petro Mohyla, The Metropolitan of Kyiv, and His Associates] (vol.1). On the basis of its public defense he obtained a Master’s degree in Theology. In 1899 he earned a doctorate degree in Church History for the 2nd volume of the above study.

He was a member and during some time an assistant of the Secretary of the Church and Archaeological Society at the Academy. For many years of pedagogical activity he was awarded the State Orders and was elected an Honorary Member of the academy. He died in Kyiv, and was buried in the upper cemetery of the Kyiv Voznesensky Convent of Florivskyi Monastery.

In addition to monographic studies about Petro Mohyla, Stepan Holubev studied the history of Kyiv schools in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In 1886 he published a research entitled Istoriia Kievskoy dukhovnoy acadiemii (Period domohilianskiy) [The History of Kyiv Theological Academy (The Premohylian Period)] which highlighted the history of the founding of the Kyiv Brotherhood School. He published a number of historical and literary artefacts on the history of the church in Ukraine in the 16th and 17th centuries. Не also published the studies on the history of Kyiv and its temples and monasteries.