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Afanasii Bulgakov

Bulhakov Athanasii Ivanovych (21.04 [03.05].1859, Boytychi village of the Bryansk district of the Orel province – 14 [27]. 03.1907, Kyiv) – graduate and teacher of Kyiv Theological Academy, theologian, church historian, and interpreter. Born in the priest’s family. After graduating from the theological school and theological seminary in Orel, he studied at the Church and History department of Kyiv Theological Academy. In 1887 he defended his thesis on the topic Ocherki Istorii Metodizma [Essays on the History of Methodism] and obtained a Master’s degree in Theology. From 1887 until the end of his life he worked at Kyiv Theological Academy holding the positions of Associate Professor of the Department of General Ancient Civil History and Professor of the Department of History and Analysis of Western Religions. He was a member of Epiphany Brotherhood at the Academy and was systematically involved in the preparation and reading of sermons on holidays.

Athanasii Bulhakov wrote nearly 60 works in theology, church and history, religion and journalism, many of which were published in the journal Trudy Kievskoy Dukhovnoy Acadiemii [Proceedings of Kyiv Theological Academy] in the 1880-1890s. Knowing a number of ancient and Western European languages, he translated the works of prominent medieval theologians into the Russian language. Athanasii Bulhakov died in Kyiv. He is buried at Baykove Cemetery.