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Church of the Holy Spirit

The Refectory with the Church of the Holy Spirit belongs to the first stone buildings of the Kyiv Brotherhood Epiphany Monastery and the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which has been repeatedly rebuilt and changed its architectural image. It is built in the early 1730s by the founder and patron of the academy and monastery, Metropolitan Petro Mohyla as the education space for students of the Kyiv Brotherhood Collegium, which was erected on the site of the Kyiv Brotherhood School. It also housed the Church of the Holy Princes Borys and Hlib, or Borysohlibska. In addition, the building was originally used as a refectory of the monastery and the collegium, giving the second name of Refectory. After the fire of Podil in 1811, the Refectory was reconstructed in a classic style with one-storeyed annexes by the architect Andriy Melenskyi. At that same time, the altar was transferred from the Church of the Holy Spirit, which was destroyed in Podil. In the 1860s, the church was rebuilt, a new altar was created and the walls were decorated.

During the 17th-19th centuries. the building, in addition to its inherent temple functions, was used for general academic and solemn gatherings and training. For a long time it hosted the library of the Academy.

During the Soviet era, the building was donated to the agricultural artel. In the 1950s, the building that suffered extensive damage during the war was rebuilt and transferred to a city hospital. In 2004-2005 the NaUKMA asserted its right to further use the abandoned structure. In 2005-2008 the NaUKMA restored the building. On the ground floor in 2008, the Holy Spirit Church was consecrated. The first floor is used as an exhibition hall of the NaUKMA Museum, as well as for holding scientific conferences, seminars, concerts of classical music, presentations of publications, social and cultural events.